Yves Saint Laurent Y For Men Eau de Parfum 100ml

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Exhilarating and daring, a rush of adrenaline.

Y, the men’s fragrance capturing the essence of the YSL modern man.

Inspiration: Y is a testament to the YSL modern man. A man who dares to follow his passions and carve his own path. From inspiration, through hard work and collaboration, to self-accomplishment and success. A man confident to take all of life’s challenges. For the authentic and bold, YSL Beauty creates Y: the fragrance for those who dare to ask themselves ‘why not’.

Scent: With both light and dark fougère facets, Y Eau de Toilette Intense radiates a thrilling energy and daring confidence. Inspired by the sense of adrenaline moments before a live performance, this is for the man who lives for the now and gives his all: authentic, exposed and free. Lively and bright, Y Eau de Toilette Intense opens with a burst of crisp bergamot and spicy ginger. Orange blossom sits at the heart of the fragrance, a complex note which delivers a thrilling shot of heady florals, with a twist of clean freshness. As the fragrance settles, alluring rich cocoa is intertwined with earthy cedarwood for a deep sense of confidence. True to the man who isn’t afraid to give his all. Created by master perfumer Dominique Ropion.

  • Top notes: bergamot essence, primofiore lemon essence, ginger essences, elemi essence
  • Heart notes: orange blossom, juniper essence, clary sage essence, lavender essence, geranium blossom
  • Base notes: cocoa blossom, cedarwood, balsam essence, frankincense essence, grey amber accord, heart tonka, vanilla extract

Bottle: The Y bottle is an expression of modernity. A masculine and sharp design, boldly cut out with the signature Y logo. Glass surrounds the crystal blue juice within, emblematic of the urban backdrop to the modern man. Sharp and masculine, for Y Eau de Toilette Intense the bottle has been remastered with a contrasting fade-out design. Intense electric blue fades to bright transparency at the base of the bottle, evocative of the different energy felt on and off the stage.