Honeywell Home T6R Smart Wireless Thermostat

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Take comfort in your heating: With the Honeywell Lyric T6R, you'll come home to the perfect temperature. You can choose to use the thermostat manually, but this thermostat is smart! The automated Lyric T6R adapts to your life as plans change. By using Geofencing, it knows where you are and how long it takes to come home - and it knows how long it will take to achieve the correct temperature. Are you on the road? The Lyric T6R keeps the temperature low while you're away, and be perfectly comfortable again once you arrive. Do you want to change settings on the go? Use the app on your smartphone to make adjustments from anywhere. 

Saving money: Your heating system will keep the temperature as low as possible when you're not home, saving money on your energy bills. 

Remote control: The Lyric T6 can be controlled from anywhere with the Lyric app for Android or iOS. Easily link multiple devices so the whole family has control. It also integrates seamlessly with third-party smart home systems, such as Apple Homekit, Amazon Echo, Google Home, and IFTTT.

Good to know: Please be aware that this thermostat controls only one autonomous zone. The room in which the thermostat has been installed determines the temperature in your entire house.

Lyric T6R Features and Benefits:
  • Suitable for use as a temperature sensing unit in an S or Y Plan system.
  • Simple integration into your existing heating system.
  • Compatible with on/off OpenTherm appliances such as combi boilers, heat pumps and gas boilers.
  • Installation is simple with on-screen set-up and fail-safe functions.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity offers direct connection to your home network without the need for additional equipment.
  • Touch-screen interface assists with scheduling, overriding and changing the temperature.
  • Use a smartphone or tablet to control the T6R. And because it’s location driven you have complete control of your system wherever you are.
  • It also benefits from 7 and 5/2 day scheduling with a maximum of 6 time periods a day.
  • Smarter protocols ensure the boiler fires for the smallest amount of time needed to maintain the desired set point.
  • Small table-top stand can be positioned anywhere for optimal temperature measurement.
  • Signal strength test facility aids in establishing a robust wireless signal.
Wireless receiver box Features and Benefits:
  • It’s been redesigned to simplify the process of installation.
  • Simple flip-up wiring bar allows for easy access and an easy-to-install zone valve or boiler interface.
  • Utilise existing wiring from a wired Honeywell thermostat and direct mount to a wall or wall-box mounting.
  • OpenTherm terminals makes for straightforward connecting to OpenTherm-capable boilers.
  • Power and warning lights show communication status with zone valve or boiler.
  • Quickly delete or reset the current connection using the reset pinhole.
  • LED warning and power light system displays communication status with zone valve or boiler.
Pack Contains
  • 1 x T6R wireless thermostat with stand
  • 1 x T6R AC/DC adapter
  • 1 x 3 pin UK plug attachment
  • 1 x 2 pin European plug attachment
  • 1 x wireless receiver box
  • 4 x fixing screws
  • 1 x install guide
  • 1 x user guide