Wagner Universal Sprayer W690 + 60 cm Nozzle Extension Attachment

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WHILE STOCKS LAST - COMBO (W690 Sprayer + 60cm Extension Attachment)
The Wagner W690 FLEXiO Universal Sprayer uses FLEXiO technology and an X-Boost, high-powered turbine to provide complete paint coverage with a single coat.  Enables standard paints to be sprayed without diluting.

Supplied with a detachable gun, making it quick and easy to change the attachment, paint, refill or clean the gun.  Patented I-SPRAY nozzle for extra-fine atomisation even with high-viscosity thick paints.  Variable air flow and fully adjustable paint flow for precision painting.

Product description - W690 FLEXiO Universal Sprayer

The Wagner Universal Sprayer W690 FLEXiO makes it all possible! Key benefits of the W 690 HVLP electric paint sprayer include:

  • Excellent capacity for processing liquids such as interior wall paints
  • Less overspray and more control with variable air volume adjustment. (This makes the work even cleaner and you can also spray small objects well.)
  • Adjustable spray jet for thin substances such as oils
  • Suitable for all water and solvent-based products.

Product description - HVLP 60 cm Nozzle Extension Attachment

Painting gets more comfortable with this extension attachment for all Wagner HVLP paint sprayers. This 60 cm extension is ideal for ceilings, high sections of walls and other areas that are difficult to reach.


  • Suitable for lacquer, stain and emulsion paint
  • Ideal for painting single walls, ceilings and other small projects
  • Input Power: 630W
  • Atomisation Power: 200W
  • Paint Delivery Rate: 0-400ml/min.
  • Performance: 15m² in 6 min.
  • Air Hose Length: 3.5m
  • 1+3 Years Warranty - Via Online Registration

Contents of the package

  • Universal Sprayer W690: item number: 2361543
  • Nozzle Wall I-Spray 1800 ml: item number: 2361749
  • Nozzle Wood & Metal Standard 800 ml: item number: 2361730
  • Wagner HVLP 60 cm Nozzle Extension Attachment: item number: 2361756