Vileda Steam Mop

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Vileda Steam Mop

Fast Heat up time

A fast and lightweight way to hygienically clean your floors. Heating up in only 15 seconds you are ready to kill 99.9% of bacteria without using any further cleaning chemicals.

Being lightweight it is also easy to carry around the home.

Suitable for all hard sealed floors, such as tiles, vinyl, wood and laminate, the variable steam setting means you are in total control of the steam strength.

The steam mop also comes with 2 durable microfibre cleaning pads and filling jug included.


How to use the Vileda Steam Mop

Step 1 - Fill with water

To open the water tank, unscrew the cap anti-clockwise. Then fill the plastic jug provided with water and pour into the tank to a maximum of 400 ml. Once filled, place the cap back on to the tank by twisting clockwise to ensure that it's securely fixed.

Step 2 - Switch on

Plug in your Steam Mop and switch it on - the on/off button can be found at the back of the main body of the steam mop. Once turned on, a green light will appear on the front of the mop.

Step 3 - Ready in 15 seconds

Steam will start to appear after 15 seconds, and is now ready to use, and can be used for up to 28 minutes on just one 400 ml tank.

Step 4 - Steam adjustment

You are in complete control of steam quantity - this switch can be found above the water cap. Select MIN for more delicate floors such as wood and laminate. Select MAX for laminate and tiles.


The Hygienic way to clean

The power of Steam plus the superior cleaning quality of the microfibre pad ensures that your floors are free from 99.9% of bacteria. The microfibre pad is also fantastic at removing stubborn greasy marks or stains from your floor.


Refresh your carpets

The Vileda Steam mop includes a carpet glider which can be attached over the microfibre pad at the base of the mop.

The swivel head makes moving around furniture and objects around the home a breeze.