Traditional Standing Fabric Santa 36 Inch (91.5cm)

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Standing at 36 inches (91.5cm) tall, Santa comes dressed in traditional red velvet, with his open coat revealing a stylish plaid lapel vest. Every aspect is finely detailed, from the sculpted snowflake buttons, down to his gold laced boots. In one hand he holds a belt of working jingle bells, the other carries a coordinating plaid sack, filled with elegant wrapped gifts, candy canes, and hand painted red truck. With his kind eyes and jovial smile, Santa is ready to spread joy to any space. What better way to show your neighbours that you’ve been “nice” and not “naughty” than by having Santa as your personal greeter. Santa arrives completely ready to decorate your home when you take him out of the box. Just set him in a cosy place to be admired and light up your home.  


  • Stands at 36 inches (91.5cm) tall
  • Traditional, finely detailed clothing
  • Holds a belt of working jingle bells & a sack of gifts
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Indoor use only
  • Weight 6kg