TOMTOM START 52 5 Inch Sat Nav - Lifetime Full Europe Maps

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Top features:

- Maps for 48 Countries

- Touchscreen controls make the sat nav easy to use 

- Lifetime maps make sure you always have up-to-date maps 

- TomTom road trips let you plan exciting routes 

- Advanced lane guidance makes complicated junctions easy 

- Three months speed camera locations warn you of upcoming speed cameras

Touchscreen control

The touchscreen gives you easy control of the TomTom START 52 5" Sat Nav. You can scroll across the map to view your route, and tap on the map to set up routes rather than searching for an address.

Lifetime maps

Roads change over time, and it can be annoying when your sat nav doesn't truly represent the road layout. New maps are issued seasonally, and can be downloaded through your PC. These updates include road changes, speed limit adjustments, and are free for the life of your device.

TomTom road trips

Handpicked routes show off the best roads to drive along, so you can just drive for pleasure. Each route can be personalised to get what you want out of a drive, so you can really enjoy the ride. Your personalised trips can be shared with friends, so everyone can enjoy a good drive.

Advanced lane guidance

Clearly shows which lane is best for the next exit, so you never miss an exit again. You won't need to make sudden lane changes just after exiting the motorway, as you'll always be in the right lane for the next turn.

Three months speed camera locations

A warning lets you know when a speed camera is coming up, and reminds you of the speed limit in case you're going a little quick. After three months, you can subscribe to continue to receive speed camera locations, so you're never caught by surprise.

What are free Lifetime Maps?

You don't want to be driving through the town centre when there's a newly built bypass. Keep updated with changes to roads, junctions, addresses, and points of interest. With free Lifetime Maps you can download a full update of your maps at least four times a year.

TomTom Roadtrips