Salter EK2205 Healthy Digital Hot Air Fryer

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The Excellence of Salter

With over 250 years of great British design and innovation, Salter creates products to enhance your lifestyle. An international leading brand, Salter combines precision design with a strong family ethic for excellence in your home.

Enjoy fried food the healthy way using little or no oil.

A healthier way to fry without losing any of the flavour, hot air is circulated throughout the entire cooking capacity to assure mouthwatering results. Enjoy guilt-free treats with fewer calories and make healthy meals for your family the easy way using this versatile device.

The air fryer has a sleek, compact shape to free up kitchen space but is capable of cooking an impressive variety of low fat dishes. Whether you are baking a birthday cake, cooking a roast dinner or making crispy fried chicken, simply adjust the settings and set the timer for carefree cooking.


Air frying allows you to indulge in your favourite fried foods without compromising on taste. Impressively lower in fat and calories than traditionally deep fried dishes, they also provide a safer solution to frying.

Exceptionally easy to use with a removable cooking basket for convenience, less oil also means less clean up. The rapid hot air technology produces faster results, making phenomenal food which is succulent on the inside and satisfyingly crisp on the outside.

Healthier Homecooked Chips in Four Easy Steps.


Preheat the air fryer to 200°C. Cut the potatoes into chips, approximately 1 cm wide.


Place into a bowl of cold water and soak for approximately 30 minutes to remove the starch, then rinse using a colander.

Air Fry

Dry the chips thoroughly using a paper towel. Coat with half a tbsp of cooking oil or oil spray and add them to the cooking basket.


Cook at 200°C for 18-25 mins. Slide out the cooking basket and shake the chips regularly so that they all cook evenly. Once cooked through and crispy, remove from the air fryer, season and enjoy.