Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield Nintendo Switch 2 Game Bundle Pack

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Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield introduces the region of Galar, an expansive land with contemporary cities, rolling countryside, forest and mountains. Here, people and Pokémon work together to develop industries in the region. Players can visit Gyms throughout Galar in their quest to be the Champion.

Choose your partner… Choose a new Pokémon to be your first partner in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. Grookey, a Grass-type Chimp Pokémon, is mischievous and curious, while Scorbunny, a Fire-type Rabbit Pokémon, is bursting with energy. Or pick Sobble, a Water-type Water Lizard Pokémon who shoots out stealth attacks from the water.

The Wild Area The world of Galar features a Wild Area where trainers can find the greatest variety of Pokémon. In this vast, untamed expanse of land players can control the camera to explore and search for Pokémon and items—and you can team up with 3 other Trainers to battle and capture wild Dynamax Pokémon. Dynamax sees Pokémon take ongigantic appearances during battle, with all their moves turning into special Max Moves.