Bosch Cordless Edging and Shrub Shear Isio Set

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Bosch Isio Cordless Shrub and Grass Shear Set

The Bosch Isio Shape and Edge is a compact and lightweight lawn edging and shrub shaping shear powered by an integral 3.6-volt Lithium-ion battery. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and its Anti-Blocking System ensures it won’t stall. The Isio Shape and Edge comes with two easy-to-change blade sets that which enable you both to shape shrubs and edge your lawn.

Comfortable and lightweight-

The Isio Shape and Edge has a comfortable soft grip handle, and being lightweight at only 550 g, it’s comfortable to use for long periods. It’s also smaller than other conventional shaping or edging shears, allowing for easy angling and enabling a precise and accurate cut.






Box Contains

1 x Bosch ISIO III Shape & Shear
1 x shrub blade
1 x grass blade
1 x charger
1 x soft bag
1 x instruction manual